Monday, November 24, 2008

Hans Lends A Helping Paw

The Rebound Hounds are always on the lookout for stories that illustrate disabled dogs in action, especially when they are helping others. Recently we discovered a Dachshund named Hans who is doing just that in Florida. Hans gets around in a wheelchair, but that doesn't seem to slow him down at all! In fact, Hans makes twice weekly visits to Peninsula Rehab Center at Flordia Hospital Oceanside where he offers patients hope and inspiration as a therapy dog.

Hans' mom, Anne, is a nurse who got the idea to bring her special pooch to the Rehab Center after working with a patient who was frustrated by having to use a walker. Hans immediately proved to be a big hit!

Since his first visit, Hans has become a regular fixture in the stroke therapy program. Patients focus on regaining movement and motor control by petting him and giving him treats.

Animals can have an amazing affect in hospitals and care facilities, and I think that a disabled dog like Hans can make a particularly profound impact. Way to go Hans!


Maddoxies said...

Good job Hans.

My Heidi has been to the children's rehab hospital here; the kids loved seeing a dog in a wheelchair, just like them.

Heidi also works very hard at our rescue booth, to educate people and raise the awareness of adopting any pet, but especially the "different" ones.

ihearthounds said...

That's wonderful that you can make hospital visits with Heidi! And it's great that she helps to spread the word about rescue, too. Dogs make the best ambassadors don't they? Keep up the fantastic work Heidi and family!