Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dewey's Beach Excursion

Last weekend Dewey and I ventured out to the waterfront for some beachcombing. Greta happily stayed behind to hold down the fort - she loathes the beach! I wonder if that's a common thing with wiener dogs? Anyway, Dewey seemed to have a great time hopping around and playing king of the mountain on the logs. Hopefully, if the weather continues to be mild we can keep beachcombing all winter!

P.S. This is also a showcase of Dewey's "manly" collar which was a gift from Annie's mom. Dewey was getting quite a lot of grief for his pink and purple accessories (hand-me-downs from his sister), so Annie and her mom got this handsome brown and blue number to lend our little tripod an air of masculinity :-)

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Three Dogs Long said...

lol! I think it is a dachshund thing! We went to the beach - once! They hated the salt water - came out & rolled in the sand for 10 minutes - til they looked like sugar donuts!
Once home, we spent next two hours bathing dachshunds!

But Dewey looks like he is loving the beach!