Friday, November 21, 2008

Holly - An Adorable Tripod In Need Of A Home

Little Holly is a darling 3 year old Lhasa Apso mix who is currently avaliable for adoption at the animal shelter where I work. Like our Dewey, Holly's right hind leg has been amputated. Never fear, though: she is doing just fine with three limbs! Tripod dogs cope quite remarkably, and the little ones tend to do especially well since they have less weight to balance.

Holly was also treated for a condition called cherry eye. Like many animals, dogs have three eyelids - the upper lid, the lower lid, and a third clear eyelid (the nictitating membrane). The third eyelid contains a tear gland and works much like a windshield wiper as it sweeps across the cornea clearing it of debris. Cherry eye happens when the third eyelid's tear gland swells up and comes out of position. Cherry eye is typically treated surgically and the recovery time is brief, as it was for Holly. For more details about cherry eye, check out this site. And for more information about adopting Holly, feel free to contact me!

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