Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three-Legged Dogs Get Around A-Okay

When people first meet our three-legged dog, Dewey, their first question is usually "How did he lose his leg?" which is something I would love to answer. Since he's a rescue pooch who was found as a stray, we have no idea how he came to be a tripod. Because I'm curious myself, I can understand others' interest.

The second most common question about Dewey is a little more surprising, though. People often ask "Can he walk/run?" especially if I'm holding him or he's cruising in the doggie stroller with Greta. It always amazes me to remember that people sometimes mistakenly believe that three-legged dogs aren't mobile, but then again, they probably haven't had their lunch stolen from the top of the table by a tricky little tripod (that feat, by the way, entailed not just walking, but hopping, climbing, gobbling, and very fast thinking on Dewey's part!).

The truth is that three-legged dogs generally get around very well. Veterinary oncologist Dr. Greg Ogilvie puts it this way: "Dogs are born with three legs and a spare." If you're curious to learn more about the amazing abilities of tripods, check out these links:

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Spirit Jerry said...

Yeay! Thanks for spreading the word about our amazing 3-legged pals! Some day we need to meet your Dewey, he looks like a hoot! Are you still in Northern CA? Did you know Tripawds has a gathering in Mill Valley every month? You should go, Dewey would have a blast! See our Discussion Forums' Tripawd Parties area for details.