Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Love Is Blind" - A Heartwarming Rescue Story

After working in animal shelters for several years, I often feel like I've seen it all. When my pal Vicki sent me this story, however, I was truly astonished by what I read. First, by the awful cruelty and carelessness that led someone to abandon two helpless blind dogs, but more importantly, by the heartwarming heroism of author Todd Miller for intervening to save the lives of these deserving animals despite the assumption that "no one would want to adopt two old beat up blind dogs."

Marilyn (above left) and Elvis (right) are alive and thriving today because Todd and his wife welcomed them into their home - blindness, advanced age, heart murmurs, and all. Our world needs more people like Todd, people who will take a stand and recognize that disabled animals are still worthy of love, affection, care, and life.

"Love Is Blind" by Todd Miller


Vicki T said...

One of my favorite parts of the article: "I light up when I see Elvis and Marilyn and I feel genuinely privileged to have the opportunity to care for them in their final years. These two have paid dearly for the love they have finally found in the twilight of their lives."

The world is a far better place with people like Todd, his wife, and their friend Dana in it.

ihearthounds said...

Agreed! Thanks again for sending this story my way Vicki.