Friday, August 21, 2009

Get To Know Archie, A Special Blind Dog Who Is Available For Adoption

Mr. Archie is a charming chap who would love to make your acquaintance. You'll have to excuse his funny haircut - we had to shave him down because he arrived at the shelter covered in foxtails and burrs. This sweet little guy is a Shih Tzu mix even though he doesn't look very much like one at the moment. He was found wandering around as a stray, lost and disoriented, and picked up by a team of kind-hearted firefighters who brought him to the shelter where I work. Judging by the rough shape he was in, it appeared that Archie had been on his own for quite a while. It's truly miraculous that he managed to survive at all...

Although Archie is estimated to be only around three years old, he has advanced cataracts that have rendered him completely nonvisual. Being blind doesn't put much of a cramp in this pooch's style, however! Archie loves to snuggle and he will express his satisfaction with little grunts of appreciation. He also likes to go out for walks and experience new smells and sounds. He gets along well with many other dogs too! In short, Archie is a delightful dog who would make a wonderful companion. If you are interested in learning more about him, drop me a line at

"Love is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear." Donald E. Wildman

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VickiT said...

GREAT quote by Donald E. Wildman. I hope Archie sees loads of love in his life..