Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heartwarming Story Of The Week

After the devastating earthquake hit China’s Sichuan Provence in May, 60 year old retiree Chen Yunlian took in about 100 injured dogs. Chen runs an animal shelter and cares for roughly 1,000 animals. She described her activism to the Associated Press this way, “I started down a road and I couldn’t turn around.”

The majority of the dogs are terrier-Pekinese-pug-poodle mixes. Chen Yunlian is especially sympathetic to the mutts because she says they are less desirable. “The mixes probably won’t be adopted, but mutts are the most intelligent and affectionate.”

Chen’s organization has outfitted many of the injured pooches with wheelchairs constructed out of PVC pipes (see photos above). Although the canine walkers may not be as fancy as the ones we’re accustomed to seeing in the West, they wonderful examples of ingenuity in action. What a heartwarming story of compassion!

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