Friday, March 16, 2012

Open Your Heart To A Muttville Senior Dog


If you're like me, you are searching the sweet, soulful faces shown above and wondering about the many stories they suggest. Homeless senior dogs have often been through so much - rejection in favor of a younger pet or new baby, abandonment due to medical reasons, displacement because of an owner's disability or death - and yet they ask for so little.

When we adopted three-legged Dewey in 2008, he was thought to be at least ten years old. The only background information we had about him was that he had been picked up as a stray in Spokane, Washington. It was a mystery how he had come to have an amputated hind leg, and we knew nothing about the first decade of his life. None of this stopped Dewey from settling right into our family as if he had always belonged.

In my experience, senior shelter dogs just want want a peaceful "retirement" in a loving home where they can relax and be adored.These six old souls, Axl, Coco, Bumper, Mintey, Annie, and Blackie, are patiently waiting for families who will give them a second chance. They are available for adoption through Muttville Senior dog Rescue, based in San Francisco:

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muttlover said...

I love the old ones, their eyes tell of a million stories. When we get them from the shelter, they are so grateful. It just fills my heart to be able to give them a second chance at happiness.