Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healing HEART Sanctuary: A Place Where Special Animals Are Welcome

At a recent pet adoption fair that Michael, Dewey, Tulip and I attended, we discovered an amazing animal rescue group that is devoted exclusively to disabled animals - talk about an organization after my own heart!

Healing HEART Sanctuary is currently based in Kanab, Utah (although they hope to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area at some point in the future), and is home to a colorful cast of permanent residents. They include Dorie, a cheerful white goat with two amputated back legs, Precious, a Rottweiler mix who sustained a broken back as a puppy, and Eaton, a three-footed African Sulcata Tortoise.

Additionally, Healing HEART strives to re-home special needs animals such as Scooter-Boots, an affectionate tuxedo cat with hind leg paralysis. Scooter-Boots likes to chase dogs around in her wheelchair, and is particularly fond of extended ear scratching sessions. Click here to get adoption information about this special kitty and learn why one of her nicknames is "Miss Manners."

A key component of Healing HEART's approach is to match children and teens who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged with the sanctuary's disabled animals. The idea is that the youth who are involved with the animals' recovery/rehabilitation process can learn "that happiness need not be dependent upon circumstances" and get to experience joy, gratitude, and love.

After meeting Executive Director Laura Bradshaw in person, and reading more about her incredible vision, it's clear to me that Healing HEART is a labor of love in the truest sense. I encourage all of my fellow animal lovers to visit the Healing HEART website ( and get acquainted with this wonderful organization!

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