Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tulip's Progress

Our foster pup Tulip is improving slowly but surely. Her skin is less flaky and she even has a few patches of fur on her formerly hairless coat! The Demodectic mange has left her skin quite rosy, though, as you can see and we get a lot of questions about her because of her odd appearance. One person even asked us yesterday if we had dyed her pink!

The big news is that Tulip has lost every last one of her baby teeth and she has a whole new set of adult chompers. In light of this (and the fact that she has only grown from 18 pounds when we first got her six weeks ago to 25 pounds now), we actually think that Tulip is around seven months old. Even if she isn't done growing, it doesn't seem like she'll be a very big dog. This is making us wonder if she might be a Boston Terrier or Bulldog mix instead of a Pit Bull. Either way, she is a super sweet, happy-go-lucky girl. More progress reports to come...