Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Give Your Mobility Impaired Dog A Helping Hand With An Assistive Harness

As our beloved canine friends age, they often need an extra hand getting up and around. One of my fellow volunteers at the shelter recently wrote a testimonial on the volunteer message board about an assistive harness that helps her 12 year old dog get up the stairs and in and out of the car, despite his severe hip dysplasia.

It's called the Help Em Up Harness, and when I checked out the website (, I was touched by the mission of the product's designers -husband and wife team Cary and Lindsey Zimmerman - to address the "challenges of mature pets and pets with disabilities."

If you have a mobility impaired dog in your life, including a medium or larger sized tripod, I highly recommend looking into this helpful assistive harness!


Juliette said...

This looks good and I'll check out the link. I have an old arthritic dog and unfortunately we have stairs that he insists climbing with us each night, so thanks.

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