Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010's Most Popular Names For Adoptable Pets

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!!! We thought we'd kick things off by looking back at the most popular names for adoptable pets in 2010. Here are the top ten dog and cat names from the 300,000+ adoptable animals listed on www.petfinder.com last year:

2010's Top 10 Most Popular Adoptable-Dog Names

1) Buddy
2) Max
3) Daisy
4) Bella
5) Lucy
6) Jack
7) Molly
8) Charlie
9) Sadie
10) Rocky

2010's Top 10 Most Popular Adoptable-Cat Names

1) Lucy
2) Midnight
3) Bella
4) Molly
5) Smokey
6) Tiger
7) Oreo
8) Max
9) Princess
10) Charlie
P.S. The dapper little fellow shown here has Petfinder's #1 canine name - Buddy - and he's available for adoption in Southern California! Buddy will celebrate his fifth birthday this April and is described as "sweet and loving" by his foster family. Unfortunately, like so many Dachshunds, Buddy suffered a spinal cord injury and was surrendered to a vet to be euthanized. He got a second chance from the vet's office, and has since recovered. Buddy is back on his paws, but he is considered special needs because of his past injury. Click here for more details about this adorable guy and help us spread the word: ADOPTION IS THE BEST OPTION!

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