Thursday, November 18, 2010

Senior Pet Adoption Stories Part 3: Brownie

Here is the third installment in a series of senior pet adoption stories we are sharing in honor of Adopt-A-Senior-Pet month:

In 2006, Brownie was an 8 year old German short hair pointer and she was in trouble. She was sold right before her 8 th birthday,through a newspaper ad by her original owner. The woman who bought her thought she was a sweet dog, but dropped her off at a local kill shelter after 2 weeks because
Brownie was too nervous around her young kids.

Scared and alone, Brownie quickly lost weight, contracted kennel cough and was put on a TBE list (To Be Euthanized). After all she was 8, sick and virtually unadoptable to a family. Something about this quiet shy girl caught the shelter manager's attention and he moved Brownie to his office. She had peace and quiet for a few weeks, got her medication and he found her foster care. Brownie thrived outside of the shelter: she lived with a nice couple, their dogs and cats. Her foster parents had her for 3 weeks and were about to adopt her when Brownie won a spot on the CanINE Express, a monthly transport from Indiana to New England, giving animals from high kill areas a second chance at life.

Brownie made her way to the NHSPCA, in Stratham NH in August of 2006. Yet again in a shelter environment, Brownie was anxious, very whiny and pacing. Along with her card explaining that she could not live with young kids, she paced and cried, being overlooked by visitors.

My husband and I had been looking that summer for a dog. We researched, knew we wanted to rescue and came across the NHSPCA after going to 8 other shelters and spending numerous hours online. After 2 visits, both times seeing Brownie, we fell IN LOVE.

It has been 4 years of BLISS, and Brownie is happy, healthy and can be around small children. We supervise her and it turns out she just needs a quiet introduction and a bit more time to check out new situations. She has changed our lives So much, it is almost indescribable. I get choked up just thinking how wonderful this dog is. She touches everyone who meets her, as she is so gentle and kind and gives these super soft kisses that melts even the hardest of hearts. She will be our inspiration, even when she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, to rescue more seniors in the future.

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Vicki T said...

What a wonderful ending for Brownie and for any future senior dogs who are adopted by the lovely people who adopted Brownie and helped her to flourish. I love people like that!