Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dogs With Disabilities

The dog lovers behind have unique insights to share about disabled pooches; they have cared for several dogs with neurological disorders and can attest that special needs pups are able to enjoy a top-notch quality of life. Here's an excerpt from the homepage:

Dogs with disabilities:
  • Don't feel sorry for themselves
  • Don't know they're disabled
  • Are accepting of what life has to offer
  • Accept as much help as their pride can take
  • Take each day as it comes
  • Don't worry if we love them, they know we do
  • Enjoy life just like other dogs (just not as rambunctiously)
  • Don't fear the future or worry about the past
  • Make every effort to do what they can to their maximum potential
  • Are not a burden, but a joy and a reason to slow down our own hectic lives

Check out for more encouragement and resources!

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Vicki T said...

Those bulleted statements are SO on the mark!