Sunday, September 12, 2010

Special Needs Dogs In Need Of Forever Families

This summer I began volunteering at our local city shelter, Oakland Animal Services. As the municipal shelter for the city of Oakland, California, OAS has the monumental task of taking in all of the city's abandoned, stray, sick, injured, and surrendered animals. This includes not just cats and dogs, but rabbits, roosters, goats, chickens, parrots, and even the occasional alligator.

Each week when I show up for my shift, I am amazed by the number of new animals; the steady stream of homeless kittens, skinny strays, and unwanted senior dogs of all shapes and sizes never seems to diminish.

What is even more amazing, however, and what gives me enough hope to continue volunteering is that, without fail, these rejected animals are adopted and given second chances by people from all walks of life and all over the Bay Area.

Currently, OAS has some very special shelter guests who are waiting patiently for their forever families:

At just 4 pounds, Mr. Mickey (shown top) is a tiny sweetheart with limitless love to give. He craves human company and gets along well with other small dogs. According to his foster mom, "Mickey is such a sweet and happy little guy! Just full of joy at the smallest things, and has that little twinkle in his eye." Considering that this little Chihuahua is missing his lower jaw (we don't know how or why - he showed up in the night drop box that way), his sweet disposition is truly remarkable.

The first time I met Zuki (pictured bottom), I instantly fell in love. Zuki is the true definition of a cuddle bug - he will gladly snuggle on your lap and bat his eyelashes at you for as long as you'll let him. Zuki radiates pure, unconditional adoration, and I must admit that each time I see him I am tempted to take him home! Zuki has an odd way of walking and the shelter vets believe he may have sustained some type of injury when he was younger that was not properly treated. Despite his funny gait, Zuki's gentle spirit shines through and he would make a wonderful, low-maintenance lap dog.

Help me spread the word about these deserving shelter dogs! Visit for adoption information or email me at for more details.

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Vicki T said...

What beautifully written profiles of Mr. Mickey and Zuki. I hope this helps them both get the best homes ever.