Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tripod Agility!

From the start, it has been obvious that our tripod, Dewey, will do almost anything for food. This got me thinking about agility. I had a hunch that Mr. Dewey would gladly jump through hoops (literally!) for treats. So, when we found out about a small dog agility course earlier this year, I decided to sign us up.

Even without a right hind leg, Dewey proved to be a true champ! He gamely ran through the tunnel, zipped around weave poles, and scampered across the teeter-totter alongside his four-legged peers. I was so proud every time the instructor would say "Aim to get all four feet on the board" and my tripod would hop up without hesitation on his three little paws.

A San Francisco Chronicle article about tripods included this quote from a veterinarian: "Dogs are born with three legs and a spare," and Dewey's experience with agility definitely demonstrated that tripods can get along great without their "spare."


Dog Mama said...

I always find it amazing how dogs don't complain but make things work!

Spirit Jerry G. Dawg said...

Oh that is ADORABLE! We haven't tried agility with our Tripawd Sheppie, Wyatt, but hope to once we get a grasp on his obedience basics.

Keep it up Dewey!