Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oscar The Cat Is An Inspiration!

Although we are admittedly "hound-centric" we do have a soft spot for kitties as well. So when my friend Sara sent me this amazing story about Oscar the cat, I just had to share it! Oscar is a jaunty English chap who lives across the pond. Last October he tragically lost both his back feet after being struck by a combine harvester while he was napping in the sun.

Now he has made history as the first kitty to receive receive custom prosthetics developed by professor Gordon Blunn and the biomedical engineering team at University College London. The prosthetics were surgically implanted to "peg" Oscar's ankles to his new feet, mimicking the way that deer antlers grow through the skin.

The procedure was astonishingly successful and the same technology is being tested with humans, enabling people with missing limbs to receive more functional prosthetics.

Click here for a video of Oscar taking his first steps on his new legs, but have some Kleenex handy; I admit that I teared up when I watched it!

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Vicki T said...

Just wonderful. He looks completely comfortable walking on his new legs.