Monday, May 31, 2010

Back In Action!

I am pleased to report that Rebound Hounds is back in action after a sabbatical. While three-legged Dewey (above left) and blind and paralyzed Greta (above right) are still going strong (do they even know they're disabled? answer: hardly!), the past several months have shown us that there is still a huge need for education and advocacy about disabled pets.

In fact, just the other day, we were at Golden Gate park in San Francisco visiting with friends and the time came to express Greta's bladder. An onlooker was very curious and began asking us questions. When my husband explained that Greta sustained a ruptured disc in her spine three years ago, she was bold enough to suggest that it was past time to euthanize her. Unbelievable!

This unfortunate incident motivated me to take up blogging again and return to Rebound Hounds. Just as before, I will continue to share stories and news about disabled dogs and the people who love them. Stay tuned!


Spirit Jerry said...

Oooh, what did you SAY to that ignoramus? OMD in San Francisco of all places!

We're so glad you're back. The world needs people like you to keep on spreading the word about how much more resilient, brave and courageous animals are than humans.

Thanks for helping to spread the word.

ihearthounds said...

Hi team tripawd!

Fortunately for the insensitive busy body, I was a short distance away and did not get the chance to respond. My husband very patiently explained the nuances of the situation, but I know that I would not have been nearly so polite.

By the way, we recently met some tripod parents at a farmer's market, and Jerry came up!

Vicki T said...

So good to see you back, Katja!

Too bad about the insensitive comment. It might be uplifting to know that in the year that Ruby was disabled, comments like that were *very* few and far between (I also live in SF). By far, the comments were so supportive and uplifting that I was often moved to tears. It was part of what inspired me to write Ruby's story for Almost Perfect.

I think sometimes people actually mean well with comments like that, if they are worried about the dog's experience. They just don't realize how much spirit and quality of life a dog can have despite disability.

Again, good to see you back!

Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog said...

So glad you are back! I agree with Vicki, that most people are very supportive. But still there is much education to be done on the quality of life disabled animals can truly have... and the options available to them. Now and then I run up against someone who thinks they should be put down, but that is rare.
So glad you are back to help spread the good word and the picture of your doxie's is so adorable!!! Hope you will visit Frankie's page often also and share updates and news from your blog- as well as doxie photos- we love them!

Barbara Techel
Award winning author of the Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Book Series
My passion is bringing a positive face and voice to animals with disabilities
Frankie is Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion Dog