Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Can't Keep A Good Dog Down

Introducing Chilli and Juliet, two extra special pooches who are available for adoption at the shelter where I work! At 11 years young, Chilli (top) is quite the little performer. He loves to be the center of attention and will gladly show off his repertoire of tricks. Don’t let his age fool you – Chilli is a spry fellow who learns very quickly. He is currently mastering the art of dancing on two legs in a circle! If you’re searching for a small dog with an oversize personality, Chilli is your man...

Juliet is a leggy beauty with a gentle air about her. She weighs in at just over 10 pounds and we estimate that she is around three years old. Juliet's gentle nature would make her an ideal canine companion for a family with young children. She has an adorable habit of burrowing into blankets and making cozy nests for herself. In fact, she is currently curled up on my couch right now, slumbering away peacefully.

Both of these delightful dogs share the same medical condition: luxating patellas. Although the name sounds frightful, this condition is common among small/toy breed dogs and it typically isn't very debilitating. When a dog is diagnosed with patellar luxation, it means that their kneecap (the patella) slides out of place, usually toward the inside of the leg. Luxating patella ranges from grade I (least severe) to grade IV (most severe). In grade I, the patella sometimes slips out of place but returns to its normal position on its own. In grade IV, the patella is constantly out of place and cannot be returned to its normal position.

Chilli has a very mild luxating patella in his right rear leg. To the untrained eye, it's barely noticeable. Juliet is more seriously affected - she has grade III luxating patellas in all her knees. Although she is doing well for now, she may need surgery in the future in order to stay comfortable and pain free. For a more comprehensive explanation, including a diagram of the canine knee, click here.

Regardless of their tricky, misbehaving patellas, each time I'm with Chilli and Juliet I'm reminded that you just can't keep a good dog down! Neither one knows that they have uncooperative kneecaps. Instead, they're just like shelter pooches everywhere - hopeful that they'll find a welcoming home sooner than later with a family to love them, flaws and all. If you think you might be that special someone for Chilli or Juliet, please drop me a line at

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Anonymous said...

these chis are great! how are dewey and greta? i miss your updates, hope all is well.