Friday, August 7, 2009

Felt Friends

We love artfully rendered pooches of all shapes, forms, and fashions, so it's not surprising that we're currently obsessed with needle felted dog sculptures. These petite canines are made by crafters who take raw wool roving and use a special barbed needle to sculpt it into shape. Essentially, the sculpture is created by poking the wool over and over until the fibers lock together as a solid unit. With the right materials (and a generous dash of talent), you can create needle felted sculptures of just about anything - horses, trolls, hedgehogs, humans - although we're partial to dogs! Here are some examples of our favorite wool pets:

This playful Greyhound was created by the ladies behind Dog Face Girls in Tacoma

The three pups above were custom made by K. Stahler. She can craft a similar likeness of your pooch based on photos - check out the Kay's K9s website for details. Best of all, a portion of all proceeds are generously donated to the Ontario SPCA!

Artist Karen Clothier (one of our Rebound Hounds friends!) created this fuzzy puppy as a commission. Her needle felted dog sculptures take anywhere from 12 - 25 hours to complete. They may be tiny, but they require a serious amount of work! Visit Karen's Etsy store for more examples...

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