Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three-legged Pogo Is A Dock Diving Virtuoso

When Jim Allen first saw a dog dock diving competition two years ago, he wasn't sure if his three-legged pooch, Pogo, could swim, let alone dive. Out of curiosity, he decided to introduce Pogo to the water. This led to the exciting discovery that his tripod dog is an aquatic virtuoso!

Despite being born with three legs, Pogo not only loves to swim, she is also a canine dock jumping champ. Together with two other dogs, Rogan and Molly MacGuire, Pogo now travels around the Midwest competing in diving / jumping tournaments. Jim christened the group "Team Second Chance" since all three dogs were rescued.

This week they are putting their best paws forward at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan - a place we know well since my grandmother lived there for many years. Here's hoping that Pogo "The Three Legged Wonder" is the next Ultimate Air Dog!

Speaking of tripod dogs being able to swim, we still don't know if Dewey can. He paddles around the bathtub a bit, but we've never seen him in deep water to know how he would respond. Does anyone have experience testing their tripod's swimming capabilities?


koala said...

@Take Your Dog to Work Day
I wish it would be an international day but mostly to promote the idea of allowing puppies where we go and to fight with all those prejudice that don't allow dogs at work, in restaurants etc.
This should be based on particular pup not a general dog ban.

Jerry G Dawg said...

Oh thank you for writing about Pogo! We would love to meet him, can you tell us how we can get in touch with him?

Can three legged dogs swim? You betcha! Check out some of my YouTube videos:

As long as a Tripawd is healthy and has decent stamina to begin with, we can swim like any four legger!