Sunday, June 21, 2009

Show About Disabled Dogs In The Works For Animal Planet!

Here's some news to bark about: Two New Jersey women are creating a pilot TV show about disabled dogs with the hope that Animal Planet will turn it into a regular series. Linda Erickson and Barbara Scavello are both passionate dog lovers. After attending the Westminster dog show in February, it occurred to Linda that "there should be a show for handicapped dogs. All dogs become handicapped eventually." She was speaking from experience: last year her beloved pooch, Isabel, went blind. Linda and Barbara envision a show that features a range of disabled dogs and their guardians, veterinary specialists to provide tips about living with medically challenged animals, and animal-loving celebrities. They intend to call the series "Little Champions" and hope to feature a competition that crowns one extra special pup best in show. If you think that your special needs dog has star power and you live in the New York/New Jersey area, drop by the initial taping on Thursday, June 25th. It will take place at the American Legion Hall in Frenchtown, New Jersey at noon. Email Linda Erickson for more details:

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