Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tripod Is A Lifesaver

"God sent a little hero," said Mary Smith of Batesville, Arkansas after she and her wheelchair-bound husband survived a devastating house fire. That little hero is Tripod, their rescued Rat Terrier who has four legs, but can only walk on three. It was Tripod who leapt into action last year when the fire broke out in the elderly couple' bedroom. By the time she was able to wake Mary and John, flames were already surrounding their bed. Overwhelmed and disoriented, they were immobilized with fear. Tripod, however, refused to let her guardians perish. The five year old pooch pulled at Mary's nightgown and remained present until she and John were safely out of the house. In recognition of her bravery, the Humane Society of The United States nominated Tripod for a Dogs of Valor Award. She has received accolades from newspapers across Arkansas and beyond. But her biggest fans are Mary and John. "I can just say that she's my angel," her grateful guardian told a TV station. Three cheers for Tripod!

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