Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hats Off To Chanel - The World's Most Senior Dog!

When she goes out in public, Chanel usually sports brightly colored sweaters, booties, and vivid red glasses. As the world's oldest dog, Chanel's accessories are more about comfort than fashion -her eyes are sensitive because of cataracts and she gets cold easily. Still, this geriatric Dachshund is going strong. Today, she celebrated her 21st birthday - that's approximately 120 in human years!

Chanel's story began back in 1988 when Denice Shaughnessy found her at a Virginia animal shelter. She adopted the little puppy to be a companion for her daughter, LaTonya. Although the family has had three other Dachshunds over the years, Chanel has outlived them all. She currently holds the Guinness World Record as the world's most senior pooch.

At home on Long Island, Chanel enjoys royal treatment. She has two dog beds that she likes to alternate between at night, and Denice regularly cooks her favorite meal of boiled chicken and multigrain pasta.

Earlier today, Chanel celebrated her birthday with a party at the New York Dog Spa and Hotel. "She's doing fine," Denice told the TODAY show hosts. "The vet says he's never seen a dog her age do so much."

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Mary A. Shafer said...

Happy Birthday, Chanel! And many more! Come visit us at Almost Perfect Pets, won't you!