Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Olive - The Rebound Hounds' Costume Contest Winner!

The judges have spoken! I am pleased to announce that Greta and Dewey selected their fellow Dachshund, Olive, as the Rebound Hounds' disabled dog costume contest winner! Ten year old Olive hails from Paducah, Kentucky where she loves to go for walks and meet new friends. After rupturing a disc in 2002, Olive has been going strong in a custom K-9 cart. Here is what her mom and dad have to say about their extra special pooch:

"Olive means the world to us. She's a little angel who brings a special message to everyone she meets. Having a disability isn't the end of the world; you just make a few adaptations and go on with your life. Animals don't have the same social issues we do. If someone makes fun, they don't know it. If they have to hop and scoot to get around, they don't see it as a disability. It's a lot harder on you than it is for them to live with a disability. Olive had taught us so much about living life to its fullest and making each moment count."

Click here to see more photos of adorable Olive and listen to the original song that her dad wrote just for her!

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VickiT said...

What an incredibly beautiful, sweet song. Congratulations, Olive!