Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get To Know Xino - A Very Special Pooch!

During our walk today, we had the good fortune to cross paths with canine superstar Xino (pronounced Chino) - a true rebound hound if ever there was one! Nine year old Xino was rescued through and he sports a unique look: As a Xolo/Chihuahua mix, he's nearly hairless except for for a few sparse tufts. Xino is also blind as the result of an old eye infection and cataracts. His full name is Al Pacino (in honor of the actor's character in Scent of a Woman), but he goes by Xino for short.

Last year Xino showed off his star power as a contender at the World's Ugliest Dog competition in California. He even took third place! Click here to see Animal Planet's interview with Xino and his mom. Who knew we had such canine celebrities in our midst here in Seattle?!?

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