Friday, February 27, 2009

Disabled Dog Saves The Day!

Meet Milo. This jaunty 7 year old pup lives in Southwest England, where he enjoys seaside walks with his mom Lynda. Sadly, Milo's life hasn't always been so idyllic. He was abused by a previous owner, leaving him with injured legs and brain damage. Still, Milo's limitations didn't stop him from saving another dog's life last year. The little terrier raced into the ocean and pulled a drowning pooch out of the water. Because of his bravery, Milo beat 500 other contestants to win the 2008 PetZfactor competition. One of the judges said, "Having rescued another animal from drowning, despite having damaged legs himself, he's a true star." We couldn't agree more - hats off to Milo for proving that disabled dogs can still be heroes!

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