Saturday, December 6, 2008

Support Disabled Dogs This Holiday Season!

So here we are again: the holidays are nearly here and that leaves many of us scrambling to find gifts for family members, coworkers, friends, and neighbors who already seem to have everything. Never fear, though, because the Rebound Hounds have some top-notch ideas for Hanukkah and Christmas 2008!!! Our recommended presents will support disabled dog rescue and advocacy, and they promise to delight the recipient(s).

1) Buddy dog membership with Coast To Coast Dachshund Rescue. The Buddy program provides a way for people who aren't able to adopt a dog to help pups in need. Currently there are a dozen Buddy dogs to chose from, and there is no minimum donation. For this all-volunteer rescue group, no amount is too small!

2) Anything from Pets With Disabilities. All proceeds benefit this fabulous organization and there is a nice variety of unique products to chose from: shirts, tote bags, stickers, and the wonderfully uplifting book "Extraordinary Dogs" by Joyce Darrell.

3) A monetary or in-kind donation to Rolling Dog Ranch, a truly outstanding sanctuary for disabled animals in Montana. Check them out it you haven't already - it's impossible not to be moved by the incredible work that husband and wife team Steve Smith and Alayne Marker do. The sanctuary relies entirely on donations and the money is spent very wisely. Rolling Dog Ranch also appreciates in-kind gifts including fleece blankets and hay. PetSmart gift cards are also accepted. In short, every little bit helps!

4) Impress the hipster on your list with an "I Heart Tripods" tee from three-legged dog lovers in Brooklyn. This grey Alternative Apparel shirt looks super soft and totally no-nerdy, so even the toughest fashionistas are bound to approve. There's also a tote bag available with the same image. Best of all, proceeds benefit struggling tripod dog guardians who are overwhelmed with vet bills.

5) For kids, we suggest a copy of "Frankie, The Walk N' Roll Dog" an uplifting, vibrantly illustrated children's book. Frankie also has some great merchandise including cute shirts and hoodies in adult and kid sizes.

6) Dogs On Wheels has delightful Christmas ornaments that "celebrate the spirit and courage of our pets with disabilities" and proceeds benefit CorgiAid. The porcelain ornaments feature vivid photos of adorable extra special pups, including a number of doxies in wheelchairs. They can also be customized to feature a specific pooch.

7) Membership with Best Friends Animal Society - one size fits all!

8) Give a shout out to three-legged dogs everywhere with "The Tripawds Book" from This full color, hardcover book features over 20 inspirational stories of canine cancer survivors and other tripod dogs. Best of all, the book can be customized to feature your own pup if you choose!

9) Thankful Paws offers a wide variety of merchandise with an emphasis on deaf and blind dogs. Cute shirts carry slogans like "The language of love needs no ears, it comes from the heart - Love a deaf dog today!" and "My blind dog has taught me... You can be a champion without winning a blue ribbon."

10) The inspirational DVD Diva Dog - a documentary about Coral, a sweet pit bull who spent the last few years of her life in a wheelchair after being hit by a car. Click here to watch the trailer!

11) Surprise the wine enthusiast in your life with a bottle (or case!) of Three Legged Red from Dunham Cellars. T-shirts featuring Port, the tripod dog who inspired the wine, are also available.

12) A signed print from Karen Derrico's "Painting 4 Paws - Art With A Cause" series. We are especially partial to the rendering of Misty and Duke, two wonderful pups who use wheels to get around and are the Pets With Disabilities spokesdogs.

Finally, the very best thing you can do to help disabled dogs this holiday season is absolutely free: Spread the word that they deserve a chance! If you know someone who would like to add a dog to their family, encourage them to consider adopting a "less than perfect" pup from a shelter or rescue group. Or, if you know of a dog guardian who is struggling to care for an ill or disabled pooch, lend a helping hand and remind them that if all else fails, many rescue organizations will take sick and injured dogs to get them the care they need. Dachshund rescue, in particular, is extremely dedicated to assisting all doxies regardless of their condition. Because they cannot speak, our canine friends are counting on us to advocate for them, and there's no better time than now - during the season of goodwill - to do just that.


Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog said...

Thank you so much for including Frankie's book among your wonderful list. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOOVE the photo of the doxie in his santa claus suit!! Frankie has one similar and has been wearing it on all our outings this month. Such a joy to see your little one in the santa suit, as well as bring Frankie to the elderly and hospice and bring them smiles.
Thanks again!!
Barbara & Frankie

Jerry G Dawg said...

We think these are fabulous ideas, thank you so much for getting the word out about the wonders and blessings of physically challenged animals! You guys are the best. Many many holiday wishes coming your way.

Vicki said...

I LOVED watching Diva Dog -- SO beautifully done. My girl, Ruby (dobe/lab), who was on wheels the last year of her life, has been gone since 2002, but that video so brought back the memory of how blown away people were by her spirit (including me!) I hope the makers of the video distribute it widely.

Three Dogs Long said...

Wonderful post! Thank you so much for giving us some much needed Christmas giving ideas!


Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

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OKim1 said...

Wow, thank you for all the recomendations! As an dog lover and owner of a three legger, Buster, these make great gift idea's (esp if it's a gift that keeps on giving!) Diva dog is inspirational and the pic of the doxie in the santa suit rocks!!!
Happy Holidays... woof, woof