Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas In Memory Of Granny

I thought this sweet image of Granny would make a fitting Christmas greeting. Granny was one of the many deserving dogs helped by Coast To Coast Dachshund Rescue. Five years ago Granny was found alone in a rural wooded area of Florida. Apparently someone had abandoned her to fend for herself despite the fact that she was at least 13 years old and practically toothless. Miraculously, she was discovered and turned over to animal control where she was christened with the name Granny. After no one came forward to claim this sweet senior pooch, she was transferred to Coast To Coast Dachshund Rescue.

Granny's first veterinary exam revealed some bad news: she was suffering from an advanced heart murmur and her lower jaw was broken and dislodged. Still, this did not deter Granny from sharing love and affection. According to her foster family, "She was a tail wagging, toothless senior who greeted everyone as if they were long lost friends!"

Granny received support through the Coast To Coast Dachshund Rescue Buddy Program before her passing in July. When I approached her former foster guardian about using Granny's picture, she gladly agreed and said, "she'd have loved it to show that other little old ladies who lost their original home have a chance at being loved..."

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