Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two-Legged Dogs Get Around

We're all familiar with tripod dogs, but what about bipeds? Remarkably, a number of dogs with just two legs manage to do pretty well for themselves. Faith, a delightful mutt, is a perfect example. She was born with three legs, including one that was severely deformed. After it had to be amputated when she was several months old, Faith was left with only her hind limbs. Despite this, Faith learned to walk as a biped. She has been featured on Oprah and her family reports that she loves to chase after geese at the park.

Like Faith, Carmen, Venus and Pablo are a trio of Chihuahuas who were all born with missing limbs. The tiny pooches' deformities are most likely the result of irresponsible backyard breeders. Unfortunately, birth defects are the all too common result of inbreeding, and as I wrote last month, many irresponsible breeders and puppy mills end up producing disabled dogs like Carmen, Venus and Pablo. Luckily for these sweet pups, they were surrendered to the North Shore Animal League on Long Island where an employee fell in love and adopted them. The Chihuahuas are now rolling through life with with special, custom-designed wheelchairs - too cute!

Andre, another biped, began life with four legs but a terrible accident cost him his two left paws. The poor pooch was caught in a trap in Alaska and would have most likely died if he wasn't miraculously saved by a good samaritan who noticed him hobbling across a rural road. Although Andre's injuries were extensive, he defied the odds by surviving and remaining mobile.

In Thailand, a special two-legged dog named Chook was rescued by an incredible group called Care For Dogs. They were able to help Chook learn to get around on his hind legs and he ended up being adopted by his trainers - what a lucky pup!

Not only does Kandu - an adorable Jack Russell mix - have two legs, he's also a bona fide champion! Kandu recently won "Best In Show" at the 2008 annual Nuts For Mutts dog show in Woodland Hills, California. Kandu captivated the crowd with his charming personality and took the top prize in the "Best Kisser" competition as well. Back at home in Colorado, Kandu participates in the Heeling Friends program at a local hospital. Believe it or not, this amazing little dog was once slated for death because of his disability. Kandu was fortunate enough to be adopted, though, and his popularity just seems to grow with every passing year. Check out his very own personal website by clicking here.

All of these incredible biped dogs demonstrate that a disability doesn't have to completely limit life. Just ask Kandu - he even hits the slopes on a special monoski! If you have a two-legged dog story, please feel free to share it with us...


Jerry G Dawg said...

Three cheers to these inspawrational pups! They have more courage and chutzpah in their dew claws than most humans have in their whole being.

Here's another story about a bi-pawd, Triumph. She is amazing.

ihearthounds said...

Hello to the tripawd crew! Thanks so much for passing along Triumph's amazing story - it's incredible and I hope that others will find inspiration by reading it.