Thursday, November 6, 2008

Greyhound Racing Banned In Massachusetts!

Tuesday's election was historic in more ways than one: In Massachusetts, voters passed the Greyhound Protection Act, marking the first time that dog tracks have been banned as the result of a citizen's initiative. The landmark vote will phase out commercial greyhound racing by 2010.

For dogs and dog advocates, the ban can't come soon enough - Massachusetts state records indicate that more than 800 racing greyhounds have been injured over the past six years. Almost 80% of the reported injuries were leg fractures. The sad reality is that racers with broken legs are euthanized more often than not. Now that voters in 12 out of 14 Massachusetts counties have taken a stand against this inhumane sport, dogs who have spent years in cramped kennels will finally get a chance to live as companion animals.

Gentle greyhounds like Snake (pictured above) definitely deserve to have homes and families of their own. Snake is a retired racer who served as the Yes On 3 spokesdog. Check out and for more information about Snake and all the details of the Massachusetts racing ban.

Hopefully this historic legislation will influence the remaining states where live greyhound racing still takes place: New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona and Oregon. Greyhounds deserve better!!!

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