Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Canine Cancer Awareness

November is recognized as Pet Cancer Awareness Month by many animal advocacy groups, so we are taking this opportunity to address canine osteosarcoma - commonly known as bone cancer. Osteosarcoma accounts for over 95% of all bone tumors in dogs and treatment often entails limb amputation.

Many of our favorite tripods ended up with three legs because of bone cancer. Fortunately, dogs like the osteosarcoma survivor pictured above are able to adjust remarkably quickly to life with three legs. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, "The vast majority of dogs will adapt very well after limb amputation, even if arthritic in other joints, overweight, or a large dog breed."

If there is any doubt about the resilience of tripods, check out the inspirational story of Jerry, a three-legged German shepherd who continued to enjoy many hikes, road trips, and excursions to the beach during his brave battle with osteosarcoma. Although Jerry crossed the rainbow bridge in early October, his spirit lives on at http://www.tripawds.com/ where his humans share resources and insights with others.

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