Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Disabled Dog

Since October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, I 'd like to share some photos of my current favorite canine friends in honor of the occasion! All three of the extra special pooches pictured above are in need of new homes. If you are interested in learning more about one of them, just email me for additional details.

The first photo features Sweets, an adorable 1-year old Chihuahua mix. Sweets is a tripod like Dewey, although this doesn't appear to slow him down at all! Sweets definitely lives up to his name - when you meet him, he'll shower you will kisses (having a few treats doesn't hurt either!).

Jake (center) is also a tripod. This handsome Shepherd mix arrived at the shelter with a badly fractured leg, leaving our vets no choice but to amputate. Fortunately, Jake has adapted in true "rebound hound" style and is very outgoing and energetic. Jake would make a great hiking buddy!

Finally, we have Havana - a senior Havanese who suffers from limited vision due to cataracts. This sweet girl still has plenty of affection to give, though. Havana would be the perfect lap dog and would love nothing more than a family of her own.

As anyone who has adopted a shelter dog can attest, the experience is usually wonderfully rewarding. Furthermore, those who adopt a special needs dog from a shelter or rescue group know that these animals still have so much to offer. I was inspired by my own experiences with Greta and Dewey to create this list of the top ten reasons to adopt a disabled dog, and I hope that others will add their own insights.

Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Disabled Dog

1. You will save a life.

2. Your dog will only be disabled in the eyes of others and will not even know that he/she is "less than perfect."

3. You will have fewer toenails to trim (in the case of tripods and other pooches with missing limbs!).

4. You will meet lots of great people - everyone wants to stop and visit with an extra special pup and a dog in a stroller is a great conversation starter!

5. You'll have the perfect companion to spoil.

6. The bond you'll share with your dog will be incredibly rewarding. Animals with special needs have an unrivaled ability to give love, affection, and more love.

7. Disabled dogs may have limited mobility, but they have no shortage of personality!

8. By adopting a disabled dog, you will inspire others to do the same.

9. You will never go to bed cold and alone!

10. Your dog will be your hero and his/her courage and tenacity will inspire you to be a better person.

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Frankie's Mom said...

This was SO inspiring! Thank you for bringing a positive voice to animals with disabilities. I have a dog in a cart and she is the BEST thing to have happened to me. I am a better human being becasue of all she has taught me. Dogs face adversity with such dignity and grace and we can learn so much from them. Thank you for pointing that out!
Barbara (Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dogs Mom)