Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Introducing Sally

As many of you may know, October is "Adopt a Dog Month" and I'm encouraging folks to consider adding disabled pups to their homes. The other week I featured three extra special dogs (all were available at the animal shelter where I work), and I am delighted to report that Sweets and Jake have already found new homes! Havana is now in the care of a rescue group, which is also great news because she will receive lots of TLC. Sometimes foster homes and rescue organizations are ideal for senior and/or disabled dogs because the shelter environment can be especially overwhelming for them.

Anyhow, I am pleased to introduce another adoptable dog: Sally! This sweet 11 year old poodle is gentle and loving. The fact that she is deaf and mostly blind doesn't hinder her ability to love and be loved at all. Sally was surrendered to the shelter when her owner became ill. Naturally Sally is a bit confused these days, but it's clear that she is a wonderful little dog with a darling disposition. I bet she would make a great snuggler! If you or anyone you know are interested in adopting Sally, feel free to email me for more information. And don't forget to check out the Rebound Hounds' Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Disabled Dog!


Jeraldo said...

This is a super touching story. My partner and I have been weighing the benefits of purchasing a puppy from a breeder or adopting a new friend from a shelter, and your stories have melted out hearts. I see now how much these animals have to offer, and we're pleased to say that we will be adopting a special-needs animal from our local shelter! Thanks for sharing your experiences, and keep it up!

ihearthounds said...

Jeraldo: We are so grateful for your support! It is wonderful to hear that you are inspired to adopt a shelter dog. You won't be disappointed! You can also search for a canine companion on www.petfinder.com where special needs dogs are marked with a heart symbol. Thanks again for the kind words! Greta and Dewey thank you too!