Friday, September 19, 2008

Introducing Dewey The Tripod Dog!

On my very first day back at the shelter, a coworker stopped by my desk to ask if I had seen the "little dachshund that looks just like Greta" who was in the holding kennel. I hadn't, but I cautiously began making inquires. When I asked another colleague about him, she said "Oh, you mean the guy with three legs?" Right then, I knew that I was in serious trouble! An old red smoothie dachshund with a missing leg? This dog was just the kind of fellow I knew I'd fall in love with!

Sure enough, when I went to see him, Dewey instantly captured my heart. He was sitting on his bed looking miserable, but he perked up right away when I leaned down to introduce myself. Dewey had been transferred in a stray from Eastern Washington and looked worse for wear. His toenails were painfully overgrown (except for the ones that had clearly broken off), he had fleas, a missing right rear leg, a scar above one eye, and a mouth full of rotten teeth. I offered him a handful of treats through the chain-link fence, which he gladly gobbled up. Then, when I opened the door to his kennel, he literally jumped into my arms!

After getting the go-ahead from Michael, Dewey came home with us later that week. He has felt like a member of our family from day one. We are still getting to know all of his quirks and working on a few issues (such as stealing food off of the coffee table!), but there is no doubt about it: Dewey is here to stay!!!

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