Monday, September 29, 2008

Disabled Dogs Are The Tops!

Recently I was poking around the "Pet Care Library" on the Best Friends website and I came across an article about disabled pets by Dr. Virginia Clemans, the former chief veterinarian at the sanctuary. Although brief, it's full of great reminders that disabled animals can still have rich and enjoyable lives. I especially appreciate Dr. Clemans' observation that many special needs animals "are not aware of their disabilities" - how true! We have definitely noticed this with three-legged Dewey and other tripod dogs.

We also recently got a sweet note from Frankie, "the walk 'n roll dog" who zips around in a wheelchair as if she weren't paralyzed. Check out Frankie's inspirational story at I am constantly amazed by the resilience of dogs like Frankie, Dewey, and Greta. They may have certain physical limitations, but there's still no limit to the love they are able to offer!

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